Charcoal Braai Briquettes

About HiFlame Charcoal

HiFlame Charcoal manufactures charcoal braai briquettes and briquette making machines. We are a proudly South African company, based in Delmas, Mpumalanga, South Africa. HiFlame Charcoal is a brand subsidiary of Kingpin Engineering.

As South Africans, braaing (Barbequeing) is one of our most prominent pastimes, not only to cook our food, but also to socialise, entertain, celebrate and and some cases, mourn. The Mighty Braai is ingrained in our lives and serves as a binding catalyst for all South Africa’s cultures and creeds – so much so, that we have our very own National Braai Day.

Charcoal is another aspect that has been debated, argued and fought over – as to how, what and why it has to be prepared, nurtured and perform in a specific manner, and to ensure that whatever is being cooked (or heated), is done so – to perfection.

Taking these important aspects into consideration, HiFlame strives to manufacture charcoal braai briquettes to the highest standards with maximum efficiency in mind. We do after all, have very high expectations from the millions of braai masters across our country, who do what they do, in the best possible way.

Happy Braaing

Hennie & Suzette, HiFlame Charcoal.

Charcoal Braai Briquettes - Picture of South African man and woman braai-ing / barbequeing